The pleasure of drinking wine, is a moment of pure delight.


The nectar delights and intensifies your senses by its colour, smell, texture, and finally, its involving flavour. Drinking wine is more than just drinking; it is a feast for the senses and a ritual of pure pleasure.


Inspired by the precious nectar, which gives us a little piece of heaven, was created this noble collection that invites to the very ritual of drinking a fine wine. Designed with details for collectors and wine lovers, these are must have pieces that magnifies the moment of drinking and sharing a great wine.


Created with solid French oak of the highest quality and complemented with elements in brass and cork, which gives it sophistication. Its interior colour is the rich colour of the ruby wine and the exterior finish can be in black of the wine bottle, or in the natural colour of the wood. Rich in details and elements, this collection answers the demand of a wine ritual of excellence. Developed with craft techniques, the complexity of the development is transformed into simplicity of using and experiencing. The care for detail and the expert finish gives it a premium quality that lives up to the best wine.


Indulge in the richness of this exquisite collection that promises excellent times, for a good wine is always richer in the company of who is important.



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