Inspired by the captivating city of Oporto, full of traditions and the stunning Douro, Oporto Unique Design pieces are hand-made and exquisite, that mesmerizes for their uniqueness.

These hand-made pieces made by skilled craftmans stand out for the richness of their own history. Each piece represents the combination of innovative contemporary design, inspired in the cultural heritage of the city, with traditional and artisanal techniques perfected over generations.


In the development of these pieces predominates the use of fine woods and their combination with other materials, with an absolute commitment to produce only the highest quality pieces, conferring a premium identity. By exploring colours, shapes, functions and adding a velvet touch makes that each piece has an intimate conversation of sensations with who contemplates these dazzling pieces. Oporto Unique Design has the strength and the irreverence of tender age and the wisdom of the Portuguese culture which union gives life to exquisite timeless pieces that invite us to contemplate their splendour.


Timeless . Transform noble materials into timeless pieces that raise emotions


Innovation . Having the ability to challenge and seduce through a provocative and innovative design


Dedication . Care and attention to even the smallest detail seeking excellence in each piece


Superior quality . Committed to the highest quality that is rooted in the knowledge of the Portuguese craftsman


Passion . Each piece has our heart and soul and that passion is embodied in it

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